What is a custom yearbook anyway?

Everyone loves the yearbook, right? Well, with TreeRing you create a yearbook that your entire school will remember by giving students personalized and printed pages filled with their own memories and photos.

How Custom Yearbook Pages Work

Add Photos

Add favorite photos from anywhere.

Capture Memories

Answer memory questions throughout the year.

Create Pages

Add photos & memories to one of a kind pages.

Remember Forever

Receive a uniquely printed copy of the yearbook.

Add photos from anywhere.

Add photos from a desktop, link directly to Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, and even capture moments on the go and purchase the yearbook using the TreeRing iPhone or Android apps.

Capture memories from the year.

TreeRing inspires students to tell the story of their year by choosing from memory prompts, like favorite songs and where they traveled, so they can remember the best parts of their year.

Put them in the yearbook.

Every student gets two free pages, printed only in their unique copy of the yearbook, to fill with personal photos and memories.

Remember Forever.

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