Treering Contest Highlights Users' Memories and Design


Treering offers the opportunity for users to share their stories behind inclusive custom pages and layout designs.

Treering, a digital yearbook software company, recently hosted a contest for their dedicated users to showcase their custom design pages and tell their stories behind a yearbook spread. The contest lasted two weeks and offered enticing incentives including Amazon and Spa gift cards, and a spotlight on their online blog! The contest was split into two groups, one for their end-users – parents, and one for school chief editors. 

14 total winners were chosen across 8 different states throughout the country. Winners were chosen based on the quality of their submitted yearbook design and story, and spanned across elementary, middle, and high schools. One of the chief editor winners shared a heartfelt story behind their layout as her school combined with another school following the pandemic this last year. Her layout was inspired by blending two very different school cultures into one school family. 

“Two small public-school populations combined into one: a Mandarin school, and a parent co-op school, called Orion Alternative. Using the Treering cosmic theme with custom images, the contents are arranged in the shape of the Orion constellation, while floating Chinese lanterns soar into the night sky.”

Many of the winners also shared their stories behind their custom pages and how they were able to savor their memories, inside and outside of school. Treering’s custom pages are one of the incredible highlights behind the software. They offer inclusivity to every student, allowing an opportunity to highlight personal accomplishments and memories. 

One of the winners, a father, used his custom spread to showcase a series of first-day-of-school photos taken by the same tree each year, to show not only his son’s growth over the years, but also his memories and interests at each age! 

Treering is a company that specializes in the design, creation, and printing of quality yearbooks. The traditional yearbook only includes a few photos of each student. In today’s smartphone world student’s have thousands of photos of themselves and their friends. This makes the traditional yearbook a lot less relevant. Treering brings the yearbook into the internet generation with custom pages, online signatures, and more while operating at zero cost to schools, only printing books parents decide to purchase.