Treering Celebrates 15 Years of Inclusivity with Both Customers and Staff

Since 2009, Treering has used technology to simplify the yearbook process.

[San Mateo, CA, January 31, 2024] – Treering, a trailblazer in customizable yearbooks, celebrates a decade and a half of capturing cherished memories. This milestone is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, accessible design, and employee engagement.

Since its inception in 2009, Treering has set out to update the standard yearbook industry, celebrate each student’s unique school experience by including two free custom pages for each yearbook, and foster a sense of belonging among students, staff, and parents with inclusive software. Co-Founder Brady McCue, “When I was in school, my family could not buy a yearbook. Every school yearbook signing day, I had to sit out. It was awful, and I didn’t want any other kid to feel the same way.” In fifteen years, Treering has partnered with over 20,000 schools, printed over seven million yearbooks, helped schools raise over 11.9 million in fundraising dollars, and added a book donation option so people can further give back to their school community.

Employee engagement and retention rates also set Treering apart. With a remarkable 99% employee engagement rate (based on the most recent Culture Amp survey), the company has cultivated a work environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a shared passion for preserving memories.

“Our journey over the past 15 years has been extraordinary. We have been privileged to capture all the memories that make each school year unique,” said Kevin Zerber, Co-Founder and CEO of Treering. “Our success is deeply rooted in the commitment and enthusiasm of our talented nationwide team. The 99% employee engagement rate speaks volumes about the passion and dedication that each member brings to the table.”

As Treering turns the next page, the company will continue to build technology to help simplify capturing meaningful memories.

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Treering specializes in designing, creating, and printing quality yearbooks. The traditional yearbook only includes a few photos of each student. In today’s smartphone world, students have thousands of pictures of themselves and their friends. This makes the traditional yearbook a lot less relevant. Treering brings the yearbook into the internet generation with custom pages, online signatures, and more while operating at zero cost to schools, only printing books parents decide to purchase.