Tech Search Party: Yearbooks, Therapy, & Smithys

Yearbooks, Therapy, and Smithys
One of this year’s sponsors is Treering, which makes personalized school yearbooks. I managed the Alvarado yearbook for two years, took last year off, and am taking it on again this year.
I’m unabashedly biased toward Treering, but let me tell you why. With Treering, you get to create your own personal pages that are incorporated into the larger book created by the yearbook team. Your best and favorite photos will absolutely be in your yearbook.
Flashback to 1980. I grew up in a largely Sicilian town outside of Boston. So it wasn’t surprising that the largest section of my class yearbook was the d’ section. D’Onofrio, D’Agostino, d’Fiori and on and on. What was surprising was when I received my yearbook and my name was misspelled. They could spell d’Blazianata just fine but couldn’t even spell Smith properly. Yes, I’m Timothy ‘Smithy’ in the Revere High School Lantern. Imagine my joy.
Furthermore, in a yearbook with hundreds of pages and probably thousands of photos, I only appear with my official school photo. No candids at all. One member of the yearbook club was in 54 photos. Yes, I counted. The closest I came is that you can see my right ear in one of her photos. Bitter? Check. Angry at the yearbook committee? Check. Determined not to let this happen to my kids? Absolutely.
So when I heard of Treering and the fact that you get to create your own pages with as many of your own photos as you want, well, you can imagine my joy.