Q Is this a printed yearbook?

Q What’s the cost to my school?

Q What’s the price of each book?

Q What about shipping costs?

Q Is there a fee to use TreeRing’s online software?

Q Can we turn the yearbook into a fundraiser?

Q Is this too good to be true?

Yearbook Advisors

Q Can everyone see the yearbook as it’s being created?

Q Can we create a custom cover for our yearbook?

Q How long will it take to print and ship the yearbooks?

Q Does TreeRing take school portraits as well?

Custom Pages

Q Are photos added to TreeRing by parents and students private?

Q Could someone put a photo in my personal pages that I don’t want?

Q What if someone doesn’t want to complete personal pages?

Q Can someone order a yearbook after the deadline?

Q Is your site secure?

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