Yearbook advisor Ryan Novack chose TreeRing as the high school yearbook company for his school.

Stop Collecting Unwanted Yearbooks

Let's face it: It's nearly impossible to guess the exact number of books your school needs.

Because TreeRing only prints the number of books parents and students order, you'll never feel the pressure of having to sell a certain number to break even or feel the stress of figuring out how to pay off the debt you're in with your current high school yearbook company.

You won't just get rid of the pressure of selling the yearbook, though. You'll get rid of the work, too. When you sign up to use TreeRing, you get a library full of free yearbook flyers, automated email marketing to your parents and students throughout the year, and a permanent online payment center that doesn't require any setup or extra fees. That last one's pretty key: It means any student who wants a yearbook - even after your order deadline - can get one for the same price as everyone else.

Your students get a great yearbook with less work - and you and your principal never have to write another check again.

In past years we had many leftover books due to having to sign a multiyear contract which included a minimum book purchase. This year, we ordered only the number of books we sold, and the cost was much lower.”
Susan Jardim
Concordia High School

Set One - And Only One - Deadline

Sprinting from deadline to deadline is enough to turn any yearbook class or club from a fun, engaging experience into a stressful one. Miss your deadline? Notice an error after you submitted your pages? A lot of yearbook companies for high schools will charge you extra money for those types of situations. Even if they don't, it's really hard to get approval to make the changes you want.

Sure, deadlines are great for keeping students on track, but we trust you to handle that. And a bunch of fees isn't our thing.

So, TreeRing only asks you to set one deadline: The day you want to complete your book. If you need to change it, no problem. You can do that for free anytime you want.

Teach Yearbook Design, Not Yearbook Software

Helping every student master the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite would make for one heck of a yearbook, but doing so would require a class of its own... and a budget, and a highly motivated group of students. That's why we made the easiest high school yearbook software out there.

TreeRing works the way you and your students expect yearbook software to work, meaning you can spend less time teaching software and more time teaching what makes for a great yearbook design. And we can help you with that, too:

  • Choose from more than 150 fully-designed yearbook templates and layouts
  • Drag and drop photos and text boxes to make your own pages in our software
  • Assign more responsibilities over layout and design to student leaders (and a little bit less to those who need more guidence)

By the way: If InDesign and Photoshop are your thing, no sweat: You can import those files in two clicks of a button.

Outstanding software and navigation with lovely layout and graphic image choices. Easy to use for students and faculty alike.”
Dr. Jamie Walker
McClymonds High School

Cover Your Big Spring Events

We haven't met a high school yearbook advisor yet who wants to skip covering big spring events, like annual class trips and prom. They just haven't figured out a way with crazy early deadlines.

TreeRing prints and delivers yearbooks within four weeks for free. That's about a whole month faster than nearly every other high school yearbook company out there.

If you need your books even faster, we can do that, too, with optional expedited shipping upgrades. But even our standard turnaround times mean you have more time to cover your school's late-in-the-year events, finalize your designs and layouts, and proof your book. So, it's not just more memories in the yearbook; it's less mistakes, too.

Crowdsource Your Yearbook Photography Without Hassle

TreeRing helps you collect photos from your school community by integrating directly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. Don't use one of them? You'll be able to use our custom photo storage solution, so you can easily collect, sort, and organize unlimited amounts of photos within TreeRing.

No more clogged inboxes. No more late nights spent downloading and re-uploading photos. Just more photos ready and waiting to drop straight into your high school yearbook.

Let Every Student Tell
the Story of Their Year

Ever struggle to make sure each student feels equally included in your yearbook? We feel you. With TreeRing, every student gets two free, uniquely printed pages, so they can fill their yearbook with photos and memories that might not otherwise make the cut. It's like senior ads, but for everyone.

The custom pages empowered each student who buys a yearbook to be the narrator of their high school experience.”
Nancy Se
Augustus Hawkins High School

No Cost, No Commitment, No Catch

If you haven't figured it out by now, our goal as a high school yearbook company is to help you more easily create your best yearbook yet. So, you can say goodbye to signing contracts, guessing how many books you'll need, and meeting multiple deadlines throughout the year.

We'll leave that stuff to the other yearbook companies and plant a tree in your school's name for every book you sell, instead.

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