What is a Social Yearbook?

Ever wonder how you can keep the tradition of the yearbook alive, but still give students and parents the ability to capture their best moments from the year? Social yearbooks do just that.

By combining major breakthroughs in digital printing with a private online community, schools are creating yearbooks that are more inclusive of their entire student body, strengthen their community and reinforce 21st century learning skills.

How Does a Social Yearbook Work?

By working with easy to use online software, school yearbook advisors create a traditional school wide yearbook that captures all of the events throughout the year.

Students, parents and teachers are invited to join the school’s private community, where they can share photos, add memories and send each other online yearbook signatures. Every student gets two free pages to personalize with their content.

At the end of the year, when the book is completed, the personalized student pages are uniquely printed in individual copies of the yearbook.


Why Social Yearbooks Help Build Community

Most educators will agree that strong connections between families results in an overall school culture that is strong. That all begins with sharing.

Social yearbooks provide an excellent platform for students and parents to connect with each other by sharing memories from events throughout the year. Those online connections can help form the bonds that make each school a community.

Why Social Yearbooks Help Strengthen Digital Literacy

Social yearbooks are private to each individual school, and are supervised by parents and teachers. Because of the nature of its virtual hallway, a social yearbook provides a tremendous learning opportunity when it comes to developing digital literacy and self-critique skills.

Besides getting a team of classmates to provide feedback, students get teachers and parents as coaches to pass on best practices for online communication.


Why Social Yearbooks Make Great School Fundraisers

Students and parents are more engaged with personalized, social yearbooks, which means schools sell more copies. By adding a few dollars to the cost of each yearbook, schools can instantly create a fundraiser.

And because social yearbooks are uniquely printed for each student, schools never get stuck with a tab from leftover books. That means the entire fundraiser amount earned goes directly to the school.

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