Parent volunteer Isela Estrada chose TreeRing as the elementary school yearbook company for her school.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Elementary School Yearbook

Elementary school yearbook teams who don't have any previous design experience make their best yearbooks with TreeRing. That's because we have the easiest software out there. You can choose from more than 150 fully-designed yearbook templates and layouts, drag and drop photos and text boxes to make your own pages in our software, or import your designs from programs like InDesign and Photoshop.

We've got you covered, no matter how you want to work on your book.

Get More Photos for Your Yearbook Without the Hassle

TreeRing helps you collect photos from your school community by integrating directly with Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, and Instagram. Even better? You'll be able to use our custom photo storage solution, so you can easily collect, sort, and organize unlimited amounts of photos within TreeRing.

No more clogged inboxes. No more misplaced files. Just more photos to create a fantastic elementary school yearbook.

Get Parents More Pictures of Their Kids in the Yearbook

Ever struggle to make sure each student feels equally included in your yearbook? Ever feel like other parents will be disappointed if their child isn't in the book enough? We feel you. With TreeRing, every parent (and student) gets two free, uniquely printed pages, so they can fill their yearbook with photos and memories of their kid that might not otherwise make the cut.

As a yearbook advisor, I'm very sensitive about including each student in as many photos as possible. TreeRing's free custom pages help me solve that.”
Jane Dodson
Broken Ground Elementary

Raise Money for Your School

If you're going to do a yearbook, you might as well make some money from it. TreeRing has helped schools raise more than $1 million, because our process is pretty straightforward:

  • Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser.

  • Parents and students buy their books like they normally would.

  • We give you 100% of the fundraising dollars collected.

An elementary school yearbook company that actually pays you? You heard that right.

Spend Less Time Worrying About Yearbook Sales

Because TreeRing only prints the number of books that parents and students order, you'll never feel the pressure of having to sell a certain number of books to break even.

You won't just get rid of the pressure of selling the yearbook, though. You'll get rid of the work, too. When you sign up to use TreeRing, you get a library full of free yearbook flyers, automated email marketing to your parents and students throughout the year, and an online payment center that doesn't require any setup or extra fees.

That means less time worrying about sales, and more time worrying about the fun stuff: Like designs and layouts.

TreeRing eliminated a HUGE headache by collecting all the yearbook payments for us and keeping track of who had placed orders.”
Amy Olsen
Loma Prieta Elementary

No Cost, No Commitment, No Catch

If you haven't figured it out by now, our goal as an elementary school yearbook company is to help you create your best yearbook yet. So, you can say goodbye to signing contracts, guessing how many books you'll need, and meeting multiple deadlines throughout the year.

We'll leave that stuff to the other yearbook companies and plant a tree in your school's name for every book you sell, instead.

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