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Bringing Yearbooks Into the 21st Century

TreeRing creates yearbooks for the Internet generation. The Silicon Valley, CA.-based technology company is providing a new approach to the two hundred plus year old yearbook industry.

TreeRing takes advantage of the latest technology in just-in-time digital printing that allows for efficient, extremely high quality printing of one to one items, and the collaborative power of online social networks to create personalized printed yearbooks that commemorate each child's unique school experience. The process reduces the yearbook creation and financial burden for schools and invests in our planet's future by planting a tree for every yearbook printed.

Making a Difference for Students, Schools, & the Planet

Personalized Books for Students Personalized Books for Kids
No Cost For Schools No Cost For Schools
Plant a Tree for Every Book Plant a Tree for
Every Book

TreeRing's goals are to: (1) create personalized yearbooks that commemorate each child's unique school experience, (2) eliminate the financial cost of yearbooks for schools and (3) invest in our planet's future by planting a tree for every book we print.

Why Did We Name
it TreeRing?

Rings from a mature tree Rings from a
mature tree

TreeRing was inspired by the concentric rings in the cross-section of an ancient redwood tree that signify years of growth. Similarly, TreeRing is attempting to capture the memories, accomplishments, and activities of each student's life so that years from now they'll look back at their TreeRing yearbook and remember all of their great times they had each year.

Meet the Leadership Team

Aaron Greco
Aaron Greco, CEO
(photo: 2nd grade)
Aaron is the proud father of two children. Aaron is an internet veteran having worked in the online technology space at both large and small companies. Prior to TreeRing, Aaron was head of Product Management at Rearden Commerce and VP of Global Product Marketing & Strategy at American Express. Additionally, he has both a BA and MBA from Columbia University.
Kevin Zerber
Kevin Zerber, CTO
(photo: 12th grade)
Kevin is the father of three stellar elementary school age children. Kevin brings to TreeRing over 25 years of software development experience. He has a broad range of experience building great technology from his roles as Chief Architect at Scalix, VP of Engineering at E*Trade, CTO at ShareData and Chief Messaging Architect at IBM/Lotus.
Brady McCue
Brady McCue, Sales
(photo: 3rd grade)
Brady is the proud father of a darling girl. Brady brings extensive experience from his previous roles in digital print production and sales. Brady's prior roles include pre-press management at Pratt Printing and as a top Account Executive at both JP Morgan Chase and Sun Trust Bank.
Brady McCue
Ray Mina, Marketing
(photo: last week)
Ray approaches marketing and business development at TreeRing with an analytical mind and a creative heart. Prior to TreeRing, Ray spent 15 years developing markets for digital and mobile printing software, and worked for digital print industry leaders like EFI. When he’s not at TreeRing, Ray is spending time with his wife and daughter, riding bikes, or searching the alleys of San Francisco for the city’s best coffee.

TreeRing's Advisors & Investors

Mike McCue

Mike brings his incredible experience as an angel investor and board member of TreeRing. In addition to his TreeRing role Mike is currently the CEO of Flipboard and on the board of Twitter. Mike is also the former CEO and founder of TellMe (sold to Microsoft in 2010).

Second Avenue Partners is an early stage venture capital firm focused on, "early-stage investments in great teams doing something that is an order of magnitude cheaper and in many ways better than what is currently being done."

Cedar Grove Investments is a venture capital firm comprised of entrepreneurs from leading edge technology companies. CGI is focused on early stage companies that bring disruptive technology to the marketplace and is a proud investor in TreeRing.

Chris Pratt

Chris is a co-founder of TreeRing and played a pivotal role in launching and bringing TreeRing to schools across the country. Chris continues to play an active role as an advisor lending his expertise as a 15+ year veteran of the digital printing industry.

Tom Hughes

Tom is a partner at Cedar Grove and as the former president and co-founder of PhotoDisc and Northshore Publishing Tom brings extensive technology and digital print expertise to his role on TreeRing's Board.

Mike Slade

Mike is a Partner at Second Avenue and is an active advisor to TreeRing. Mike brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge from is leadership roles at Apple, NeXT, Starwave, Real Networks and Microsoft to name a few.

Rich Barton

Rich is currently the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Zillow as well as venture partner at Benchmark Capital. Rich was also the founder and CEO of Expedia and is on the boards of Glassdoor, Avvo and Netflix.

Want TreeRing for Your School?

Want TreeRing for Your School?

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